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My Name is Karen Williams, My Height is 5' 7'', I Weigh 123 lbs, My Age is 37, I was born 11/14/69, My Breasts are 34 inches with a Cup Size C, My Waist is 26 inches, My Hips are 33 inches. I have hazel eyes. I am caucasian, My Religion is catholic. I am married, but have no Children. I have masters degree. I am a nurse. I live near Hackensack, NJ

These pictures were taken by a man who as in a terrible car accident about ten years ago and is in a wheelchair. He grew up next door to me and he was always like my older brother, I must confess, I pulled down my pants for him on more than one occasion. We always do favors for each other, so I asked him to take these pictues.

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Hi Everyone
00:40, 2007-Jul-23

I'm a 37 year old housewife. My husband's a buisness executive (not the man who took these pictures).  I'm well educated, but I'm unemployed at  the  moment. I'm so glad I was able to create this blog. I've been dying to find a place where I can get exposure on the net. I get so turned on by  knowing people are looking at me totally bare-skinned. Here ae 12 hot, sexy very personal pictures of mine, just for you.

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My Photos
05:02, 2007-Jul-20
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